A small image that links to a syndication file for a web site, particularly a blog. — adj. Also: chicklet.
Example Citations:
I see today that Feedburner is offering a new way to enable users to quickly and easily subscribe to RSS feeds. ...
Feedburner continues to impress me with their innovations. The chiclet overload problem is not over yet, but the solution is working its way out with these kinds of UI improvements.
— Matt McAlister, " Feedburner's new method for managing the RSS subscribe button problem:," Matt McAlister (blog), December 7, 2005
Think of your site linking campaign as the slogan button for the Internet generation. Instead of pinning the peace sign on your Army surplus jacket, pin your loyalties to your blog. Create a portable logo in a variety of sizes, including the Web standard 88x31, 125x125 and the now popular chiclet sizes promoting RSS feeds.
— Jake Ludington, "Create a Link to This Site Campaign,", December 8, 2005
Earliest Citation:
You see that new XML chiclet over there to the right? The one right underneath the Search button?
I done it. I finally went and gorn and done it and got the flipping thing working (I think). I Love Me, vol. I is now officially available in RSS, for those of you sad enough to give a toss.
— Michael O'Connor Clarke, " RSS Feed finally enabled:," I Love Me, vol. I, March 31, 2003
What is the "chiclet overload problem" discussed in the first example citation? If you've spent any time in the blogosphere, then you've probably seen the some blogs with absurdly long lists of subscription options. This list usually appears as a succession of chiclets, like this:
The sheer number of these chiclets can be a bit daunting, hence the overload problem.
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